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Purchase your apartment in Portopiccolo

Discover an exclusive preview

Purchase your apartment in Portopiccolo

infopoint virtual Tour
Explore InfoPoint virtually and prepare for your visit to our store. Click on the numbers to begin.
Welcome Area
Welcome to the world of Portopiccolo
Your journey begins here

Discover exactly what it feels like to live in Portopiccolo through an immersive tour. This exclusive preview will be an emotional and sensorial experience surrounded by the images and atmosphere of Portopiccolo.

Tech Lounge
Portopiccolo at your fingertips
Digital Technology

In the welcome area, be guided by your emotions as you learn more about the project through the Digital Desk. View your apartment and a gallery of captivating images that will allow you to visualize your life in your new home.

Architectural models
Portopiccolo in 3D
Architectural Details

Admire the architecture and the ‘borgo’ up close. View the meticulously detailed architectural model which gives an impressive overview of the design, the amenities, and the wonderful setting of this extraordinary project.

Material Library
Feel right at home
Material Gallery

In the Material Library, you will be surrounded by the textures, colours, and textiles of your new home. Admire the array of materials and finishes on display in this tactile gallery and select those most in line with your personal style.

Meeting Rooms
Let us guide you
Meeting Area

You will have the opportunity to meet in private with our consultants who will guide you in choosing the most suitable property for your needs. They will answer any questions you may have and will fully explain the purchasing process.

Outdoor area
Enjoy the view
Life on the terrace

Breath in the salty-sweet sea breeze as you admire magnificent views over the glistening blue sea and beautiful ‘Borgo’ beyond. Soak up the true atmosphere of Portopiccolo from the terrace and experience the outdoor lifestyle.

Continue the journey inside our Sensory Apartment

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